Linak Head or Foot Motor

Hospital Bed Actuator Motor for Head or Foot end
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Linak Linear PUSH Hospital Bed Actuator Motor 314100-115004A LA31-487-00 is a compact, quiet and powerful actuator that operates on these beds. It is designed to operate the head and/or foot end of the bed. Short actuator: 150mm

Model 3639 Home Care Bed

Model 3648 Home Care Bed

Model 4748SB Bed

Model 4748SD Bed

Model 5639S/650-3 Home Care Bed

Model 5648S/650-3 Home care Bed 

Model 5539-48/750-3 Series Beds

Model 5539-54/1000-3 Series Beds

Model 5548/750-3 Series Beds

Model 4748SDX

Model 4054SDX

Model 5539-48/750-5 Series Beds

Model 5539-54/1000-5 Series Beds







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Maxi Rest 42 - Molded Head and Foot Boards Capacity 800 lbs. Shown with optional mattress.
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